Our No-Hassles, No-Kidding, Money-Back Guarantee

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We want you to try Suggestion Ox with absolutely no risk

Since we started in 2011, Suggestion Ox has always offered a no-hassles, no-kidding money-back guarantee. Simply put, if Suggestion Ox ever fails to meet your organization’s needs we’ll refund your money. No games. No runarounds. No loopholes. We mean it.

Just drop a note to support@suggestionox.com any time and our friendly support team will take care of you.

Buying business software can be an endless morass of sales reps, contracts, cancellation penalties and commitments. We don’t work that way. We have simple terms and conditions, no lock-in, no penalties and an unconditional money-back guarantee. Our business model is to create great software that provides exceptional value to your organization and earn your trust every month.

Try Suggestion Ox with no risk. We genuinely want to help your organization empower valuable, candid feedback. If for any reason we don’t meet that promise, we’ll give you your money back.

No hassles. No exceptions. No kidding.

Want to talk to a real person about this? Just drop a note to support@suggestionox.com and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Suggestion Ox has turbocharged the suggestion box. Over 50,000 companies, associations and government agencies use their anonymous online suggestion box to gather actionable employee feedback, gain customer insights or empower whistleblowing and reporting.

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