Find Out What Your Team Is (Really) Thinking

Don’t wait for the exit interview. Our safe, anonymous feedback platform boosts employee retention and satisfies whistleblowing and compliance requirements. Gain candid insights, create feedback loops and build a better workplace for happier people.

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Trusted by leaders and HR professionals at more than 60,000 companies

Incredibly easy to set up—start getting candid, anonymous feedback in seconds.

Reduce Turnover Up To 41%. Build Positive Feedback Loops.

Employees give you real, candid information when they trust they can speak anonymously. We make it easy for leaders to listen, respond and take action.

100% Anonymous

You'll hear the truth, because your people know their identity is protected.

Private & Secure

Nobody has access to responses except for you (and any managers you invite to your account).

Customizable & Flexible

Create any kind of feedback form to get the information (or supporting evidence) you need.

Exclusive Two-Way Conversations

Use Direct Replies to write back to respondents without revealing their identity.

Easy to Use

Start getting feedback today without needing your IT team or a computer science degree.

Complete Case Management

From intake to investigation to resolution, we help you avert problems and build a happier workplace.

Phone with anonymous online suggestion box

Prevent Little Problems From Becoming Big Problems

Deploying an independent, anonymous suggestion platform is the best way to ensure that you're getting real, candid feedback about what's going on in your organization.

  • Independent—people speak freely when know they won't be identified by your internal network.
  • Anonymous so people can speak freely.
  • Private and secure to ensure compliance with reporting requirements.
  • Easy—100% web-based. Nothing to install. Get started immediately.
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Listen, Share With Other Leaders … Even Respond Anonymously

Our platform isn't just for input. We make it easy to share suggestions with leaders, organize into themes and respond either publicly or privately.

  • Add unlimited additional managers to receive feedback.
  • Tag, organize and export suggestions to share with stakeholders.
  • Optional Post the best suggestions to a private internal website along with your response.
  • Optional Respond back to submitters without revealing their identity or violating their anonymity.
Suggestion box with replies directly to employees
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Private, Secure, Respectful

Nobody has access to your data except for you. Period. There are no shenanigans, no selling or sharing your information with anyone else—ever. We take your privacy and security as seriously as our own.

  • Available (and recommended) two-factor authentication to further secure your account.
  • We never, ever sell or share data with any third party.
  • Full data portability and data ownership. You can export or delete your data at any time.
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Start Taking Feedback Immediately!

You can be getting candid feedback in seconds. Try the easiest, most powerful anonymous suggestion box with no risk and no credit card required.