Find out what you’re not hearing

We help leaders know what needs addressing—so you can build a stronger, more engaged team.

Solutions - all hands meeting

All-Hands Meetings

Know what you need to address in your all- hands meetings

Stop guessing and start tackling the hard topics that nobody’s willing to ask about out loud

Employee Concern

Uncover and answer hidden employee concerns

Ensure you are addressing the critical concerns your employees have, eliminating guesswork and fostering open communication.

Solutions - employee concern
Source best ideas

Source Best Ideas

Source the best ideas that people aren’t sharing out loud

Unlock the full potential of your workforce by tapping into their innovative ideas and creative solutions.

Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement and enhance productivity

Elevate employee engagement by actively involving your workforce in shaping the future of your organization.

Solutions - employee engagement
Solutions - build trust

Build Trust

Build trust and transparency in your organization

Start having candid conversations that address what employees are really thinking about.

Anonymous harassment reporting box for your company

Nobody should be afraid to speak up. Give your employees a private channel to report violations, misconduct, and harassment.