Strengthen military cohesion with valuable feedback

Boost morale and retention in military units: secure honest, anonymous feedback, enhance communication, and create a more effective team environment.

Military valuable feedback

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Cultivate effective feedback among military personnel

In an environment where trust is paramount, military members can provide sincere feedback anonymously. This enables leaders to effectively address issues and make impactful changes.

All hand meetings - anonymous

100% Anonymous

Gain truthful insights with the assurance of identity protection for military staff.

Industry two way conversation

Two-Way Conversations

Use Direct Replies to communicate with personnel while keeping their identities confidential.

Industry private secure

Private & Secure

Feedback is accessible only to authorized commanders and leaders.


Customizable & Adaptable

Create tailored feedback forms to gather relevant information for military needs.

Industry simple implementation

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate the feedback system without the need for extensive IT support.

Industry end to end management

End-to-End Case Management

From training evaluations to operational debriefs, we aid in improving the military work environment.

Candid feedback fosters an engaged community

Candid feedback fosters an engaged community

Our tool encourages open communication among service members, promoting a secure and collaborative atmosphere.

Confidential responses ensure trust within the ranks

Military leaders can respond privately to feedback, maintaining trust and unity within the unit.

Confidential responses ensure trust
Military - easy to buy

Easy to buy—we know military purchasing and pricing

We work closely with all branches of the U.S. military. We know how to make your requisition and purchase process go smoothly. Form 889 available on request.

Enlarge employee engagement

We bridge the gap between leaders and employees with the help of anonymous and unfiltered feedback.