Building better workplaces for happier people

Work has changed. Top-down command and control is out. Purpose, belonging and collaboration is in. Today’s most effective employees do their very best work in an environment of trust, transparency and alignment.

Open communication is the rocket fuel that helps companies grow. When the hard questions get asked, the strong concerns get voiced, the transformational ideas get shared—magic happens.

It isn’t easy. Speaking up is hard. That’s why we build tools that create candid conversations. Using psychological safety and anonymity, we ensure that leaders and their teams get on the same page. Leading to higher engagement, a sense of ownership, and happier organizations.






Candid Conversations

Our Mission

To build the modern workplace where everyone feels heard and valued, where people collaborate effectively, and where high achievers want to stay.

Our Vision

Workplaces for the 21st-century built around trust and creativity, where open dialogue flourishes and employees act like owners.

Our company values

What powers Suggestion Ox

Give assume trust

Give and Assume Trust

Our foundational belief. Honesty and candor, always, in everything we do.

Default transparent

Default to Transparent

The more we share, the more context we all have to do our best work.

Take ownership

Take Ownership

You don’t need permission to do your job.

Dream big

Dream Big

Executing is easy; coming up with transformational ideas is hard.

Authentically you

Be Authentically You

Bring your real awesome weird self to work. Everybody belongs.

Have fun

Have Fun

Life’s too short not to laugh a lot.

We love to build happy, healthy companies

Andrew berkowitz
Andrew Berkowitz

Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Suggestion Ox, Andrew was founder of TeamSnap, where he led development, product, design and people (not at the same time, thankfully). He started his career in journalism and advertising before becoming a serial founder and thought leader in company culture.

Andrew is also a 25-year veteran performer, director and teacher of improv comedy, as well as a trainer for companies wishing to use applied improv to build better teamwork.

Fun Fact

Andrew can deadlift three times his bodyweight.

Wade minter
Wade Minter

Founder & CTO

Wade is an accomplished technical leader, having led engineering at companies like TeamSnap, Custom Communications, WeaveUp and AdWerx. He combines strong technical acumen with a knack for nurturing developers and building committed teams.

Wade is also an active advisor, mentor and sought-after speaker in the Raleigh tech triangle and beyond. He believes that building a strong tech community benefits everyone.

Fun Fact

Wade is the public address announcer for the NHL Carolina Hurricanes.

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