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See what our clients have to say during their time working with us

Helpful for addressing Employee Concern

It’s an important feedback loop four our employees to vent to upper management.

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January 2024

An Employee Engagement Super-tool.

True employee engagement means being willing to hear the bad/negative comments in all their glory, not just rave about the good bits. Having a truly anonymous Suggestion Ox allows for genuine feedback. I have had comments ranging from potentially significant whistle-blowing allegations, to suggestions for better brands of coffee!

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December 2023

Great Product for Less Money

Easy to use and staff like to use it. I receive suggestions, complaints and great feedback on what we are doing good and not so good. It helps me to make decision based on the feedback I receive.

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November 2023

Confidentiality of Submissions

We like the confidentiality of the system for employees to submit.

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October 2023

Great product and service

I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions and directions with which to produce my content.

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August 2023

Long time use, dealing with changes

The surveys look clean and allow you to use your company colors and logo. They are easy to set up and customize.

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August 2023

Great way to get feedback!

Our team culture has improved since using Suggestion Ox.

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July 2023

Just what we needed

I love having a place where employees can share their ideas, concerns, feedback, etc. while being anonymous. This is exactly the product I was looking for and Suggestion Ox has been an affordable solution for us.

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June 2023

Anonymous done right

Love it and worth the subscription.

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April 2023

Great Tool!

It has helped us get in touch with our employees and understand what they are thinking, what their concerns are, and to plan based on their feedback.

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November 2022

It’s simple. It works. Our people are glad it’s there.

Excellent. Having anonymous reporting that works well makes our company a better place. This software is a key piece of what we are doing.

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October 2022

Easy to use. Works for us.

Love it and worth the subscription.

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September 2022


Easy to set is up and easy to use.

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August 2022

Great system

Love using it for in class surveys at university.

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March 2022

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