Build Trust

Build trust and transparency in your organization

Start having candid conversations that address what employees are really thinking about.

Build trust transparency

Trusted by leaders and HR professionals at more than 60,000 companies

HR suggestion box software.

Cultivate trust through open communication

Promote an environment where trust is nurtured by asking and answering the “unspoken” questions.

Enhance transparency from the start

Don’t let small issues turn into big problems. Encourage everyone to speak up immediately when something needs to be said.

Enhance transparency from the start
Private communication for sensitive topics

Private communication for sensitive topics

Not everything should be shared publicly. Use the platform to reply directly and privately when topics aren’t for a broader audience.

Why people love Suggestion Ox for building trust and transparency

Stop wondering what employees are thinking. Start getting tough topics into the open.

Source best ideas - complete anonymity

Complete Anonymity

Facilitate open dialogues where anonymity encourages employees to be honest without reservations.

Employee engagement - user friendly experience

User-Friendly Experience

No need for extensive IT support; an intuitive platform for both employees and managers.

Employee engagement - efficient case management

Efficient Case Management

Build trust by not letting anything slip through the cracks.

They love us for a reason

Don’t just take our word for it, see and hear what our customers are saying.

More than just a all-hands meetings

We help leaders know what needs addressing—so you can build a stronger, more engaged team.