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Engage your financial teams with insightful feedback

Boost retention in financial services: Gain authentic, anonymous feedback, open up communication channels, and create a more fulfilling workplace.

Financial teams insightful feedback

Trusted by leaders and HR professionals at more than 60,000 companies

Foster constructive feedback loops among all levels of financial staff

In a setting where confidentiality is key, financial professionals will share honest feedback. This makes it easy for financial leaders to listen, respond, and enact meaningful changes.

All hand meetings - anonymous

100% Anonymous

Gain valuable insights as your financial team trusts the confidentiality of their identity.

Industry two way conversation

Two-Way Conversations

Utilize Direct Replies to interact with your team while preserving their anonymity.

Industry private secure

Private & Secure

Only you (and any managers you designate) have access to the feedback.

Industry customizable flexible

Customizable & Flexible

Design feedback forms to gather the specific information you need.

All hand meetings - easy to use

Easy to Use

Start gathering valuable feedback immediately, no IT team or technical expertise required.

Industry complete case management

Complete Case Management

From client interactions to internal reviews, we help enhance the financial services environment.

Candid feedback secure financial environment

Candid feedback ensures a secure financial environment

Our anonymous feedback tool encourages open expression among financial professionals, promoting a secure and effective workplace culture.

Confidential replies maintain staff identity protection

Financial managers can discreetly respond to team feedback, ensuring privacy and trust, vital for a cohesive financial environment.

Financial confidential replies
Financial services - financial chosen by

Chosen by numerous financial professionals and teams

Our platform is widely recognized among financial services for building trust and engagement, aiding HR leaders in addressing workplace challenges and improving team morale.

Enlarge employee engagement

We bridge the gap between leaders and employees with the help of anonymous and unfiltered feedback.