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Features and Usage

What is Suggestion Ox?

It's a web service for easily creating anonymous online suggestion boxes for your company, association or government agency. As an independent service, your employees or customers feel comfortable giving you truly candid feedback. Watch our video to learn more!

Over 60,000 companies, associations and government agencies worldwide. Everyone from the Fortune 500 to solo entrepreneurs.

You get a private, customizable URL for each box that you can share with anyone from whom you're seeking feedback. Optionally password protect your box to make sure only those with the password can submit feedback. Here's way more about how Suggestion Ox works.

We'll send you an email (unless you disable notifications).

You can add additional managers, so they have access to the box, or just set them up to receive suggestions by email. You can also export suggestions and share them using any internal tool you prefer.

Yes, by default we don't collect any identifiable information from those submitting to your box. We believe this is the best way to get truly candid feedback.

Yes, one of the best practices for deploying your online suggestion box is to use our Direct Replies feature. This will include an email field for respondents. If they choose to include their email you will be able to respond back to them through our system. However, we won't share their email address with you, so they remain anonymous (it's encrypted in our database). If they choose not to include their email you can still respond back to them via the unique link that they collect at the time they submit their feedback.

Yes! You get a private, password-protectable website for your team where you can choose to share any suggestion along with your response.

You can set up unlimited fields to capture just the information you want. For instance, you might want to ask respondents for a department or function. You can also customize your box with your company colors and logo.

Many companies set up individual boxes per department, per manager, per location, or per topic (for instance suggestions vs violations reporting).

Suggestion Ox is web- and mobile-friendly and works from any device. Although it probably won't work from a smart refrigerator.

We sure do. Watch our demo video or book a demo with a real person. Drop us a note if you'd like to set up a call or a screen share with one of our onboarding specialists (we don't have salespeople).

Billing and Plans

You bet we do. Choose any annual plan and enjoy 15% savings. Wow!

Yep. Just drop a note to and we'll take care of you. Sometimes we give discounts just because we think your organization is doing cool or helpful things. We're nice.

We take credit cards, ACH/wire transfer, or good old-fashioned paper checks sent through the mail. Hit us up at if you need to arrange a non-card payment.

Sure can! Email us at and let us know your exact requirements. We know some companies need our W-9 and other info. We got ya covered.

For sure. Sometimes you need more time to test things out. Sometimes your accounts payable department is slow. We never want you to feel rushed, so just drop a note if you need a trial or payment extension.

We can accept payment in most world currencies. Just drop a note to our sales team to arrange payment in your preferred currency.

Help & Support

Easy! Visit our Help Center or just drop a note to Our support team will get back to you fast.

We don't have salespeople, but if you want to talk to a real person, drop a note to or book a demo and we'll set up a with one of our customer specialists.

Random Musings

We sure do. You can leave us anonymous feedback in our company suggestion box. Note that this is not a great place for pre-sale or support questions.

Proudly helping companies get truly candid feedback since 2011. We didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

We try to be! Having dealt with dozens of software services in our collective years in the industry, we knew we wanted to be the kind of company that we'd like to work with.

It does not, but we're open to suggestions!

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