Q. What is Suggestion Ox?

It's a web service for creating anonymous online suggestion boxes for your company, workgroup, employees or anyone from whom you'd like to get honest, anonymous feedback.

Q. It is really anonymous?

Yes! The feedback that is submitted via your box will be completely anonymous. (And we really, truly don't have any identifying information about your respondents either.)

Q. How does it work?

It takes just seconds to create your box. You will get a unique URL to your box that you can give out to anyone who should give anonymous feedback. You can also brand your box with your company logo and colors, or customize your box's URL.

Q. Can I respond to submissions?

That depends! If you use our Direct Replies feature, you can provide an (optional) email field for respondents. If someone chooses to provide their email, it will be anonymized, but you will be able to reply directly and have an anonymous conversation.

You can also (or alternately) enable your public replies page, where you publicly post selected submissions along with your reply.

Q. How much does this cost?

We have free and paid plans, and your delight is 100% guaranteed. If you ever want your money back we won't make it a hassle — we promise.

Q. Do you offer annual plans?

You bet! Don't tell anybody, but we offer a 20% discount for paying yearly. Just click on My Account and then Change Plan to choose an annual plan, or email support@suggestionox.com and let us know you want to save 20% with annual pricing.

Q. Can I pay by check? Can you invoice me?

Yes to both. Just email support@suggestionox.com and we'll get you set up.

Q. How do I access the feedback I receive?

You'll get a copy of each suggestion via email, and you can access all of your responses at any time by logging into your Suggestion Ox account. You can also designate additional recipients (such as co-managers) to receive feedback emails or export suggestions to Excel for deeper analysis.

Q. Can I create more than one box?

Yes, most plans let you create multiple boxes, up to 25. Need more feedback than that? Contact us and we'll work something out.

Q. Can I turn a box off if I don't want any more feedback?

Yes, you can close any of your boxes at any time. You'll still be able to read all of the suggestions, but no one will be able to give you more (unless you turn it back on).

Q. What is Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk Mode is useful for when you have Suggestion Ox set up on a public computer, such as at an event or in your company lounge. After receiving a suggestion, the computer will be redirected back to the suggestion entry screen so that the next person can make a submission.

Q. Why anonymous feedback?

No matter how much you ask your group for candid feedback, there are things that people just won't say in front of you — both good and bad. Enabling people to give truly anonymous feedback lets you hear the real things that people are thinking.

Q. Does Suggestion Ox have its own box?

Why yes we do! Leave us anonymous feedback in the Official Suggestion Ox Suggestion Box. We don't just run Suggestion Ox — we're also a customer.