All-Hands Meetings

Know what you need to address in your all-hands meetings

Stop guessing and start tackling the hard topics that nobody’s willing to ask about out loud.

Know address - all hands meetings

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All hands meeting - source questions

Source questions ahead of time

Our anonymous platform gives employees the psychological safety to tee up concerns they won’t speak about in an open meeting.

Take real-time feedback during the meeting

Keep a channel open where people can react and ask follow-ups, all without revealing their identities and risking retribution.

All hands meeting - real time feedback
All hands meeting - response privately

Respond privately for sensitive topics

Not every question or concern should be addressed openly. Use Direct Replies to share your answers or gather follow-up privately and directly.

Why people love Suggestion Ox for all-hands meetings

The best way to make sure that communication channels stay open and candid.

All hand meetings - anonymous

100% Anonymous

You’ll hear what you really need to address.

All hand meetings - easy to use

Easy to Use

No IT department needed; start immediately.

Employee engagement - efficient case management

Complete Case Management

Every piece of feedback can be tracked, categorized and assigned an owner.

They love us for a reason

Don’t just take our word for it, see and hear what our customers are saying.

More than just an all-hands meeting

We help leaders know what needs addressing—so you can build a stronger, more engaged team.