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Unlock the full potential of your workforce by tapping into their innovative ideas and creative solutions.

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Don't miss out on employee insights

Discover what employees are discussing in informal conversations and harness the best ideas they may not be sharing out loud.

Empower ambitious thinking

Offer employees the safety they need to share their ideas, even when they might hesitate to do so openly for fear of seeming too ambitious.

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Confidential handling innovative concepts

Confidential handling of innovative concepts

Use Direct Replies to privately address and gather additional information about groundbreaking ideas.

Why people love Suggestion Ox for gathering transformative ideas

Sometimes the right answers are hidden in plain sight.

Source best ideas - complete anonymity

Complete Anonymity

Everyone can speak up and challenge conventional thinking.

Source best ideas - user friendly

User Friendly

Nothing to get in the way of sharing the very best ideas.

Source best ideas - thorough case management

Thorough Case Management

Ensure that no valuable ideas are overlooked or lost in the process.

They love us for a reason

Don’t just take our word for it, see and hear what our customers are saying.

More than just an all-hands meeting

We help leaders know what needs addressing—so you can build a stronger, more engaged team.