Gather employee feedback right in Slack

With our Slack integration you can receive valuable employee feedback in the tool you use the most.

Gather Employee Feedback

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Stay Visible on Slack

Stay Visible

Remind people to post feedback

We’ll automatically remind people to share feedback on the schedule of your choosing.

Instant Feedback

Get notifications right in Slack

New ideas, questions and concerns flow right into your preferred private channel.

Instant Feedback on Slack
Build Excitment on Slack

Instant Feedback

Share great suggestions publicly

Optionally share the best incoming submissions and your responses in a public channel.

How to connect Slack to your channel of choice

Ensure you have a Slack account, then:

Enable Integration on Slack

Enable the Integration

Connect your Slack account under the Integrations menu.

Configure Options on Slack

Configure Options

Go to Edit > Integrations to enable Slack in any box.

Set Preferences on Slack

Set Preferences

Choose your channels and notification schedule.