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👋 HR leader, meet Suggestion Ox, the most versatile suggestion box tool for HR teams. Collect employee feedback, gather ideas, and address issues before they escalate.

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Here's the suggestion box your HR team's been waiting for

Suggestion Ox is an anonymous suggestion tool that privacy-conscious HR teams use to collect candid information from employees and understand their concerns.

But you know what - That's just the tip of the iceberg...

Suggestion Ox also empowers anonymous two-way communication. Using our platform, HR teams can respond to employees while protecting anonymity and re-engage them in the process.

As a result, not only your HR team will re-engage employees. You will also know what to do to make changes and "turn down the temperature" before small issues escalate into more serious ones.

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Understand employees concerns

With Suggestion Ox, you empower employees to provide anonymous feedback and share what's on their minds.

And because every conversation on the platform is 100% anonymous, you collect truly candid and honest feedback. Every. Single. Time.

Know about small problems BEFORE they become big ones

Suggestion Ox's anonymous feedback features provide employees with the psychological safety that allows them to voice concerns they would normally be hesitant to express openly.

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Respond privately to sensitive topics

Suggestion Ox empowers two-way conversations, while protecting the employees' anonymity.

Our Direct Replies capability lets you share answers or gather follow-up privately and directly, without revealing employee identity.

Why HR teams love Suggestion Ox for understanding their employees concerns

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