How Vituity Creates a Better Place to Work

Vituity uses Suggestion Ox to create positive feedback loops


The Company

Vituity is a physician-owned and -led partnership that delivers care to over eight million patients each year. Their 5,000 clinicians work in acute care situations such as emergency departments, ICUs and inpatient units to transform healthcare for the benefit of all.

“Our patient-first focus drives everything we do, from improving clinical outcomes to reaching patients where and when they need us most.”

Jennifer George, MS, SHRM-CP

Manager, People Operations

The Challenge

With Vituity’s clinicians and employees spread out across the country, Jennifer George, Vituity’s Manager of People Operations, knew it wouldn’t be easy to empower communication from the front lines, which is a critical part of how the company makes improvements.

“We wanted to provide a simple, easy, and anonymous tool for people to ask questions, recommend improvements, and express what they are thinking and feeling at work.”

With so many employees working in high-intensity, critical care situations, there was no time for a tool that was overly complex or that required staff training. In addition, Jennifer knew that only a tool that provided true anonymity would allow leadership to hear what was really on people’s minds. They needed a way for people to share ideas, concerns and questions as quickly, easily and candidly as possible so leadership could respond and take action.

“Vituity is the best company I have ever worked for. The company genuinely cares about their employees and are always looking for feedback and suggestions.”

The Solution

Jennifer and her team were able to roll out Suggestion Ox company-wide in a matter of days as an always-on way for “Vitans” to provide actionable feedback. Not every employee can attend Vituity’s frequent live Q&A sessions with leadership, so Suggestion Ox has become a 24/7 solution that any employee can use.

“Suggestion Ox is a highly-valuable way for people to send anonymous questions and suggestions whenever they occur to someone. Vitans appreciate the transparency and ability to ask questions of our leadership and receive responses.”

Knowing the importance of feedback loops, the People team at Vituity reviews and responds to every question and suggestion and makes changes based on what they hear through Suggestion Ox.

“One great suggestion we received was to implement flexible hours, where employees can complete eight hours worked in a non-traditional business day. Leadership implemented this idea to offer flexibility and better manage work/life balance.”

Jennifer’s People Operations team also partners with department leadership teams to review the anonymous feedback and provide answers, while partnering with the internal communication team to publish many of the submissions and responses in internal company newsletters.

“We have woven Suggestion Ox into all aspects of our company internal communication and intranet site for employees and clinicians to access easily. We want to ensure that this is readily advertised and always available.

The Result

Transforming healthcare is not an easy task, especially in the midst of a years-long pandemic that has created profound challenges for companies like Vituity that are delivering acute care. Despite this, Vituity employees tell leadership that they feel heard, valued and treated as true partners in the business due to the transparency and strong feedback loops that Suggestion Ox has created.

“We recently implemented a paid community service benefit because of an idea received through Suggestion Ox. The benefit allows employees to participate in community volunteer events. Vituity encourages employees to take time away from work to make a difference in the communities where they live.”

Thanks to the hundreds of candid, anonymous questions and ideas sent through Suggestion Ox, Vituity leadership has been able to provide more clarity, make changes, and listen and respond to partners and employees.

“From top management on down, Vituity cares about our people, which is why this is such a great tool to collect what employees and clinicians have to say and take action.”

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