How Princetel Was Twice Crowned a Best Place to Work Thanks to Suggestion Ox

With markets including military, wind energy, geophysical, broadcasting, robotic, mining, machinery, entertainment, and communications, Princetel continues to grow.

Princetel case study

Located in the heart of Hamilton, New Jersey, Princetel, Inc is a leading manufacturer of fiberoptic and electric rotary joints, delivering their products worldwide.

With markets including military, wind energy, geophysical, broadcasting, robotic, mining, machinery, entertainment, and communications, Princetel continues to grow.

The Challenge

Barry Zhang, founder and CEO of Princetel is known for his commitment to his staff’s well being and happy work-life balance.

And ensuring that his staff had an open channel to him and the management team to make suggestions on improving the way they work was essential to fostering happy employees. 

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“Physical message boxes had been used for ages,” Barry recalled.

“However, they are not terribly secure and it is not always possible to drop a note in the box without being noticed, so the effectiveness was very limited.”

Being a fairly small company with employees from all over the world, this did not seem conducive to a workplace built on trust.

Leadership needed a new, 100% private and secure, completely anonymous way to find out what employees were really thinking to make the company an even better place to work.

The Solution

Suggestion Ox was exactly what he had in mind.

“We found Suggestion Ox many years ago and it appeared to fit our needs perfectly,” Barry says.

It was really important to management that the opportunity to make a suggestion or complaint is clear and available for all employees from the get go…

Princetel places a weblink to Suggestion Ox on their website…

“All employees are aware of it and new employees learn about it during orientation,” Barry explains.

Sometimes this is the only way the more introverted employee will have the confidence to speak up about an issue they have, or suggest ways in which improvements could be made.

Barry respects the anonymous nature of the platform and values the ability to continue a conversation while also protecting the employees anonymity.

The leadership team acts on constructive feedback and complaints and these result in a public response from the CEO office.

The quick, secure and anonymous platform allows leadership to instill a sense of trust within the company and employees feel listened to.  

Princetel’s customers are also encouraged to leave feedback, which is enormously helpful to managers as they improve and grow the company.

The Results

Princetel is continuing to see huge results since using Suggestion Ox.

“The biggest benefit is to prevent employees from leaving the company on an impulse. Most of the time, all they need to see is proper action from management addressing their concerns. If Suggestion Ox prevented one departure of this nature in the last decade or so, the money is well spent.”

Princetel’s impressive dedication to ensure staff feels supported is evidenced by a 100% staff retention record in the first 12 years of business.

Princetel is also the extremely proud winner of the NJBiz 100 Best Places to Work twice in a 10 year span and, “Suggestion Ox is clearly one factor we made it there.”

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