How Open Sky Community Services Unlocked Employee Feedback

Open Sky uses Suggestion Ox to increase employee engagement


The Company

As a large nonprofit human services agency, Open Sky Community Services wanted to open up anonymous and ongoing conversations with its 1,000+ person staff. But with limited resources and a widespread workforce, it was difficult to keep a pulse on employee needs and foster engagement.

Open Sky needed a simple way to collect confidential employee feedback, suggestions, and concerns. The goal was to tap into insights to improve operations, culture, and accessibility.

Implementing Suggestion Ox for Ongoing, Anonymous Staff Communication

To work on this challenge, Open Sky implemented Suggestion Ox about a year ago, providing an always-on feedback channel where employees could openly share ideas in a confidential and anonymous way.

With Suggestion Ox, staff simply indicate their department and the type of feedback they want to provide—compliment, concern, suggestion, or question. Comments go to an Open Sky admin who forwards them to the appropriate manager.

Open Sky shares the Suggestion Ox links and QR codes often to remind employees it’s there for them.

The Results: Improved Accessibility, Engagement & Workplace Culture

The results from Suggestion Ox have been tremendously positive. Employees actively utilize the confidential channel to provide insights that lead to impactful changes. Some examples of improvements from Suggestion Ox feedback:

  • Changed process for distributing free event tickets to be more fair through random raffles
  • Enhanced accessibility of internal tools and resolved issues
  • Implemented ideas to improve workplace culture

Employees expressed appreciation for having a trusted means to be heard. As one user shared, “I’m amazed you implemented my suggestion so quickly!” By empowering employees to freely share thoughts, Suggestion Ox helped Open Sky build trust, boost engagement, and create a more inclusive culture. Open Sky plans to expand the platform to service recipients to keep enhancing operations.

Give Employees a Voice with Suggestion Ox

Open Sky Community Services unlocked a goldmine of employee feedback with Suggestion Ox. The anonymous, ongoing dialogue provides valuable insights to drive real change. If you want to engage your nonprofit staff and improve culture, Suggestion Ox is a simple, high-impact solution. Every employee voice deserves to be heard.

Try it free and experience the benefits of employee feedback

Suggestion Ox has turbocharged the suggestion box. Over 60,000 companies, associations and government agencies use their anonymous online suggestion box to gather actionable employee feedback, gain customer insights or empower whistleblowing and reporting.

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