How Suggestion Ox helps you take feedback fast

Taking online feedback made incredibly easy. Nothing to install. Completely anonymous and private. Get started immediately.

How custom response

Step 1

Customize your response form

Add fields that capture just the information you need. Include your organization logo and colors if you like.

Step 2

Share box’s address

This is where people will go to send you feedback. Optional: add a password. Follow our best practices for deploying an online suggestion box to your organization.

Share box address
How people visit

Step 3

People visit your box and submit feedback

Your box can be accessed from any device. Works great on web, mobile and tablets.

Step 4

You’ll be notified of new submissions

Optionally add additional managers if you’d like others to be notified when new submissions arrive.

You'll be notified of new submissioons
How share suggestion


Share suggestions on a private web page

You can share any suggestion with your organization. Edit for context. Add your response so everyone can find out where you stand.


Reply directly

Our optional Direct Replies feature lets you continue the conversation with the person who submitted, while protecting their anonymity.

Reply directly
Tag organize export

Step 5

Tag, Organize & Export

Categorize and share responses with leadership. Organize by theme or initiative. Look for trends or important issues to address.

Step 6

Take action. See results. Be a hero.

With truly candid feedback, you can take action to make your organization stronger and more resilient. Let your employees or customers know that you’re listening. Be a hero.

Take action see results

Find out what you’re not hearing

We help leaders know what needs addressing—so you can build a stronger, more engaged team.