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Both tools—Vetter and Suggestion Ox—offer a powerful way to collect employee feedback through dedicated suggestion boxes. However, only one of them allows you to manage all feedback and make it more actionable, respond anonymously, and use AI to process and respond to feedback faster and more accurately.

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Vetter is an easy-to-use suggestion box software that allows companies to tap into their employee’s wisdom and collect ideas and suggestions. But it lacks the ability to allow them to continue the conversation privately or manage the feedback.

Suggestion Ox, on the other hand, provides a robust suggestion box and employee feedback platform. It can help you conduct anonymous two-way conversations with employees that protect their privacy and do so faster and more accurately with the power of AI.

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Vetter vs. Suggestion Ox

Discover three core differences between Suggestion Ox and Vetter

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The ability to engage employees in 100% anonymous two-way conversations

Vetter doesn’t offer customers a way to communicate with respondents anonymously. With Suggestion Ox, you can always respond privately without revealing the respondent’s identity.


  • Direct Replies: Conduct two-way, 100% anonymous conversations with your respondents.
  • Privacy built in: Only you (and any managers you invite to your account) have access to responses.

Greater Speed and Accuracy with AI

When replying to candid feedback, how quickly you do it matters as much as what you say in your message. Suggestion Ox allows you to use the power of AI to write better and more accurate responses faster.


  • Expand Answer: Use AI to build up your message and provide a greater context for the respondent.
  • Adjust Tone: Let AI edit your message to adjust it to your desired tone of voice.
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Easy Case Management

Suggestion Ox is more than just a feedback platform. Our tool aims to solve your problems effectively and build a happier workplace, from intake to investigation to resolution. That’s why, with Suggestion Ox, you can also assign and track issues and ensure that all employees are heard and their feedback is acted upon.

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Password protected boxes

Industry complete case management

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Anonymous direct replies

Employee engagement - user friendly experience

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AI reply assist and subject enhance.

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