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Discover what makes Suggestion Ox a better alternative to Wrenly’s suggestion box software and Suggestion Ox can indeed help you collect valuable employee insights and feedback. But only one of those tools offers the versatility to do it across various channels, reply anonymously without revealing the respondents' identities, and manage each case so that you can boost employee engagement and retention.

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Collect truly candid employee feedback and grow engagement and retention is a great solution when you want to collect all kinds of employee feedback, run surveys, and offer recognition and rewards. However, it is limited only to Slack and MS Teams and does not allow employees to submit feedback outside those channels.

Suggestion Ox, on the other hand, is a platform for anonymously collecting employee feedback and suggestions through dedicated suggestion boxes.

Suggestion Ox works natively on the web, mobile, and tablet devices, allows you to respond anonymously without revealing the respondent’s identity, customize response forms, manage all feedback, and more. Oh, and it integrates with MS Teams and Slack, too, should you need to engage employees on those channels as well.

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Suggestion Ox vs.

Discover three core differences between Suggestion Ox and Vetter

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Greater reach and flexibility in delivering suggestion boxes

Wrenly works exclusively with Slack and MS Teams. As a result, it’s not ideal if you’re looking to collect feedback outside of those channels. With Suggestion Ox, you can still collect feedback on Slack or MS Teams, but you can also share your boxes through other channels.


  • Sharing via QR codes: Allow employees to scan the QR code to reach the suggestion box.
  • Web and mobile-ready intake forms: All intake forms are web and mobile-optimized so employees can reach them regardless of their device.

Fully customizeable intake forms

Because Wrenly works only in Slack and MS Teams, it offers little flexibility when it comes to customizing your suggestion box. Suggestion Ox, on the other hand, allows you to control and customize your response form completely. Add fields that capture just the information you need, include your organization logo and colors, and customize it to your liking.


  • Add Company Logo: Make it immediately known that your company created the box by adding your brand.
  • Add Custom Fields: Capture the exact information you need.
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Private communication for sensitive topics

The ability to engage employees in 100% anonymous two-way conversations

Wrenly doesn’t offer customers a way to communicate with respondents anonymously. With Suggestion Ox, you can always respond privately without revealing the respondent’s identity.


  • Direct Replies: Conduct two-way, 100% anonymous conversations with your respondents.
  • Privacy built-in: Only you (and any managers you invite to your account) have access to responses.

Why top organizations choose Suggestion Ox to collect anonymous employee feedback

Industry complete case management

Full intake form customization

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Sharing the box through a link or QR code

Private secure

Password protected boxes

Industry complete case management

Fully accessible on the web, mobile, and tablets

Industry end to end management

Suggestion sharing on a private web page

Source best ideas - complete anonymity

Anonymous direct replies

Employee engagement - user friendly experience

Tagging and reply organization options

Source best ideas - thorough case management

Keyword analysis

Give assume trust

Sentiment analysis


AI reply assist and subject enhance.

Industry effortless implementation

Workflow management

Industry simple implementation

Public replies + voting

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