Tutorials and Tips: Make the Most of Suggestion Ox

Mastering Direct Replies

Suggestion Ox helps you build feedback loops by replying to incoming submissions while still protecting the anonymity and privacy of your employee. Learn how to make the most of this powerful feature.

Add Custom Fields and Capture Any Information You Want

Setting up your response form in Suggestion Ox is easy, flexible and powerful. Learn how to add just the fields you need to input text, menu choices or even uploaded files.

Assign Submissions to Team Members

Submissions in Suggestion Ox can be assigned to anyone on your team, allowing them to take ownership of tracking, replying or taking action.

Export Submissions

You can easily export submissions to a CSV file for further analysis in the data program of your choice.

Making Submissions Public

By default, all submission to Suggestion Ox are private, but you also have the option to share any submission with your team along with your reply, and even to allow your team to upvote or downvote ideas.

Start Taking Feedback Immediately—Free!

You can be getting candid feedback in seconds. Try the easiest, most powerful anonymous suggestion box with no risk.