Empower Reporting and Whistleblowing in Your Organization

We provide a secure, anonymous system to help people privately report workplace violations or problems. Prevent small problems from becoming big problems and meet mandated reporting requirements.

Trusted By Over 50,000 Companies, Associations & Government Agencies

Top organizations use Suggestion Ox for employee feedback, customer insights, and to empower harassment reporting & whistleblowing.

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Get Your Private, Anonymous Reporting Box Instantly

Nobody should be afraid to speak up. Give people a safe, private channel to report violations, misconduct and problems in your organization.

Most Violations Go Unreported—We're Changing That

With our anonymous online system, people can report issues confidently and privately, helping your organization investigate and take action discreetly. As a trusted 3rd party, we empower people to speak up when they otherwise wouldn't.

100% Anonymous

Allow those reporting misconduct to reveal their identity at their own pace and comfort level.

Private & Secure

Nobody has access to submissions except you (and any managers you invite to your account).

Customizable & Flexible

Unlimited custom fields let you capture all the details you need to understand the report and take action.

Optional Two-Way Conversation

Our Direct Replies feature lets you write back to respondents without revealing their identity.

Easy for Anyone

Empower your organization today without needing an IT team or a computer science degree.

100% Guaranteed

No gimmicks. No hassles. No kidding. Your money back at any time if you're not satisfied. We mean it.

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Empower Whistleblowers—Free

Give people a way to bring misconduct to light. Try the easiest, most powerful anonymous harassment reporting system with no risk.