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At Suggestion Ox we’re strong supporters of the arts. In fact, many members of our team have backgrounds as actors, improvisers or dancers. Several of us are currently active in theater companies that are learning with how to build safe spaces for everyone to study and perform.

Because of the pervasive need to empower harassment reporting in the arts community, we are making all of Suggestion Ox’s Silver plan features free for qualifying performing arts organizations. Just drop a note to with the name and URL of your arts organization and we’ll take care of you.

What we do

Suggestion Ox is the anonymous online system where people can report harassment, misconduct or other violations without fear of repercussion. Our exclusive Direct Replies feature enables those reporting harassment to keep their identify masked while you respond for further details or clarification. Sadly, most people never report harassment because there’s no safe system for filing a complaint, but by providing anonymity we give individuals the confidence to come forward, trusting that they will be heard with privacy, dignity and discretion.

Set boundaries and make safe spaces

The performing arts are special. They bring magic to audiences through theater, movement, music and dance. Art is a force for good and a fulcrum of change. For those who perform—whether as professionals, amateurs or students—joining a company of fellow artists can be a truly life-changing experience. But in a medium where people work closely together, where emotional truths are never far from the surface, where everyone explores new levels of vulnerability, it’s easy for boundaries to get crossed. Sadly, one bad egg can wreak havoc on an entire company.

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We applaud arts organizations that have taken strong action against harassment. Many companies have developed codes of conduct to which all teachers, performers and students must adhere. The notion that the arts can be a safe destination for everyone is long overdue. Providing an easy, accessible mechanism for reporting misconduct is one of the best ways to ensure that company leaders are hearing everything they need to and taking action before small problems become big problems. We’re proud to offer Suggestion Ox as the system for you to do just that.

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Thank you for the art that you make, and for building a new kind of organization where anyone can grow in a safe and supportive environment.

To get our Silver account for free, just sign up for our trial and then drop a note to with the name and URL of your arts organization.

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