Suggestion Box Ideas (Conversation Starters)

Suggestion box ideas

Don’t just wait for suggestions to roll in … get the conversation going

So you’ve invested in an employee suggestion box—awesome! As comments roll in, you’ll be able to make informed company decisions and create a more welcoming and safe workplace for your staff members. But what do you do if the comments aren’t rolling in?

No one wants to be the first person to hassle the boss for a change, even anonymously. Fortunately, there’s an easy and fun way to get your new box warmed up. Providing your employees with occasional prompts can open the door for further use. It will empower them to express ideas that may otherwise feel too insignificant to bother with. 

As you provide information about your new box, feel free to send your employees some questions and ideas for what to submit. In need of inspiration? Here are some prompts to get you started. 

Fun Asks

Asking fun questions will send your employees a clear message: no suggestion or submission is too trivial. Establishing a place where all of your employees can feel comfortable expressing their opinions is worth an occasional odd message. You’re bound to get some laughs and learn more about your employees (albeit, not their names). 

1. What’s one thing about the present-day you that would make five-year-old you proud? 

2. What’s your favorite (work-appropriate) joke? Check for our favorite submissions hanging in the break room at the end of this week!

3. What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life? 

Solicit Feedback

When you’re ready to make things more serious, ask your employees for feedback! Shyer staffers may be reluctant to vent without prompting. Give them an excuse to say, “Well, since you asked…“ 

And remember, this isn’t Pandora’s box, it’s a suggestion box. You’re bound to hear some good things, too! 

1. What’s one way that you feel management could support you better? 

2. What can we do to make your work week easier? 

3. What has exceeded your expectations while working here? What has left you disappointed? 

Get Serious

The suggestion box is often turned to when employees need serious issues addressed. It’s crucial that you communicate from the get-go that tough conversations can be safely started through the box. Asking hard questions will show that you’re willing and wanting to hear things that they may be afraid to say. Get the ball rolling with: 

1. Do you feel safe and respected in the office? If yes, what actions by the company most contribute to that feeling? If no, what steps can we take to better protect you? 

2. Have you felt as though your voice has been heard in the company? How can we help to amplify your ideas? 

3. What do you want your legacy at this company to be? Do you feel you have the tools to achieve your goals? 

With a suggestion box, it may be easy to turn to the old adage that “no news is good news.” But to make sure that you’re not letting anything slip through the cracks, you’ll want to ensure you’ve created a safe space for your workers. Asking questions will spark responses and remind your staff that you’re always willing to listen. 

Suggestion Ox

You’ve got the prompts, are you ready for the answers? If you’re still in search of the perfect third-party employee outlet, take this as a sign… or a friendly suggestion. 

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