The Return on Investment of an Employee Suggestion Box

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How empowering employee feedback can have a huge payoff

The anonymous suggestion box has long been portrayed in television shows as a facilitator of workplace drama or as an oft-ignored place to vent. However, employers who value the safety, comfort, and productivity of their staff should know that a well-managed suggestion box is a worthy investment. 

Don’t picture a neglected shoe box with scraps of paper and golf pencils. A professional, third-party box will provide you with valuable company insight and make your employees feel heard. It’s a win-win!  

Risks associated with unaddressed workplace problems

You may be hesitant to invest—not looking to field gossip or requests for a cappuccino machine. But with the proper communication with your team of how seriously the box will be taken, you can empower your workers to strive for real change. 

Your box won’t result in a never-ending employee wishlist that drains your budget. On the contrary, it can save you money! A lot of money. Consider this: Replacing an employee can cost up to two times the employee’s annual salary. Proactively addressing staff complaints will increase company loyalty and reduce your turnover rate. 

Having a safe place for staff to share their concerns will also make you aware of other potentially expensive problems. You can help prevent the costs associated with: 

A suggestion box is an easy solution to save your employees trouble and save you a lot of money. And who knows — maybe that cappuccino machine isn’t such a bad idea, either. 

Why go for a third-party suggestion box? 

The Internet has brought increased ease to almost all areas of our life. Why stop that convenience from influencing the traditional suggestion box? By opting for an online, third-party box, you’ll increase employees’ confidence in the security and anonymity of their reports. No more sneaking around, trying to find a discreet time to visit the water cooler and file a complaint. Online boxes can be accessed with any device, anywhere. The voices that are heard in your company won’t be limited to those who are most confident or have the most free time. 

Suggestion Ox

Here’s a suggestion: Work with us!

Suggestion Ox is your simple and secure solution. Already trusted by over 50,000 companies and government agencies, we’re ready to help you improve the comfort and safety of your staff. We’re proud to offer a service that is: 

  • 100% anonymous
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee

Just like you, we’re passionate about providing the best possible work experience for employees around the world. We would love to partner with you to provide a safe space for your staff to confidently pursue the changes that they need. With plans starting at just $9/month and discounts for non-profits and educators, Suggestion Ox is the perfect addition to any business. 

Your small investment in an online box will bring you empowered employees and increased profits. Ready to get started? Contact us with any questions or start your free trial!

Suggestion Ox has turbocharged the suggestion box. Over 50,000 companies, associations and government agencies use their anonymous online suggestion box to gather actionable employee feedback, gain customer insights or empower whistleblowing and reporting.

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