Suggestion Ox Joins TinySeed Accelerator


Investment to supercharge new customer features

Today is a big day for Suggestion Ox!

We’ve joined TinySeed, the premier accelerator program for fast-rising software companies. We couldn’t be more excited about what this means for our customers.

Building a stronger platform

We’ll use TinySeed’s financial investment to create more of the useful features that our customers have asked for. Our mission is simple—to help every company become a better place to work by revealing what employees are really concerned about before small problems become big problems.

With added resources, we’ll make Suggestion Ox even easier to use, provide more powerful ways to take and manage incoming feedback, and give every manager, CEO, and HR professional the tools to empower actionable employee feedback and violation reports.

Growing smarter

But joining TinySeed is about much more than money—we’ve turned down several investment offers over the years. What TinySeed brings is an extensive network of experienced advisors who can help us grow smartly. We’ve seen firsthand how many companies lose their way as they grow, veering into initiatives that complexify the product or compromise user experience and privacy.

We’re excited to partner with the TinySeed team—as well as other experienced founders from companies like ChurnKeyKeeping, and SkySnag—to ensure that we remain focused on always putting the customer first.

Thank you from all of us

We’re incredibly grateful to you, our customers, who have supported us over the years. We love meeting leaders and HR professionals who are passionate about building healthier organizations and serving their people. We wake up every day thinking about how to make Suggestion Ox better for you, and we’re thrilled to partner with TinySeed to make that happen even faster.

Let’s get ready to rodeo!

Founder & CEO

Founder & CTO

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