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Most employee-employer relationships start with distrust.

On day one, the company presents a list of rules, policies and procedures that the employee must follow.

The unspoken message: we don’t trust you to do your job—you must be watched, policed and controlled lest you slack off, make poor choices or betray the company.

There’s a better way.

THE TRUST COVENANT is an agreement between manager and employee that sets mutual expectations for the kind of trustful behaviors that will forge a partnership for success. Rather than call out negative activities it emphasizes the positive actions that define a stronger team.

The result: a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce. You’ll build a culture where employees are empowered to make decisions, take risks and innovate. Employees will act like owners, not like hired guns who are just passing through.

And because trust goes both ways, managers will also agree to a set of behaviors that bring candor, transparency and accountability in their own role.

How to use The Trust Covenant

On day one, managers and employees should sit down together and use this document to guide an honest conversation about what a trustful working relationship looks like. It’s a chance to set expectations and discuss what each party needs and wants from the other.

The Trust Covenant is a living document. It should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and useful. Not every item may hold for every company. Feel free to modify to suit your needs—either for the entire company or to the comfort of manager and employee.

Most important: use this to foster communication. Trust begins with candor. Not every conversation between manager and employee will be easy, but you want to foster an environment where both parties feel comfortable sharing the truth.

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Download the Trust Covenant

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