7 Best Suggestion Ox Alternatives for Collecting Insightful Employee Feedback

Are you planning to start collecting employee feedback but aren’t sure whether Suggestion Ox is the right solution for you? Looking for alternative products to compare it with?

Good news, then. Below, we’ve listed seven alternatives to Suggestion Ox that could help you gather employee feedback. 

But since Suggestion Ox is our tool, and we stand by it strongly, of course, let us look at it one more time before we turn to its alternatives.

So, what is Suggestion Ox?

Suggestion Ox is an employee feedback platform that uses the power of anonymity to help leaders and managers get truly candid information from employees, whether that is ideas, concerns, or questions.

As our product’s name might suggest, it works very much like a suggestion box. That said, there is much more to Suggestion Ox than this. 

For one, our platform facilitates more than just collecting feedback. It empowers employees and organizations to have two-way, anonymous communication

In practice, this means that you can respond to employees’ feedback with Suggestion Ox while protecting their anonymity. Even though you and they would converse about it, you wouldn’t know with whom you’re conversing. 

As a result, with Suggestion Ox, you can receive honest and unbiased feedback as your people know their identity is protected and are more willing to share ideas.

Anonymous replies, a unique feature within Suggestion Ox.

This is also why we like to describe Suggestion Ox as a “candid conversation platform.”

But again, there is still more to Suggestion Ox:

  • With our platform, you can collect anonymous feedback and reply anonymously to employees.
  • You can deliver suggestion forms through several channels, such as shareable links and QR codes, or use Slack or MS Teams integrations, and your employees can post suggestions on both the web and their mobile devices.
  • Suggestion Ox features case management capabilities that allow you to assign and track issues, from intake to investigation to resolution.
  • Plus, Suggestion Ox’s AI assistant helps you write more thoughtful responses.

In short, with Suggestion Ox, employees feel empowered to share their ideas or suggestions without fearing ridicule, and they never feel like they’re just shouting in the void. 

This is also evident in what our customers say about us. For example:

“True employee engagement means being willing to hear the bad/negative comments in all their glory, not just rave about the good bits. Having a truly anonymous Suggestion Ox allows for genuine feedback. I have had comments ranging from potentially significant whistle-blowing allegations to suggestions for better brands of coffee!” (link to the full review)


“I love having a place where employees can share their ideas, concerns, feedback, etc. while being anonymous. This is exactly the product I was looking for, and Suggestion Ox has been an affordable solution for us.” (link to the review)

But we appreciate that Suggestion Ox might not be for everyone. And so, here are seven alternative tools that could help you collect employee feedback.

7 Best Suggestion Ox Alternatives for Employee Feedback

#1. Incogneato

Incogneato - A Suggestion Ox alternative.

Type: Anonymous feedback tool

Incogneato is probably the most relevant Suggestion Ox alternative. For one, the tool offers a feature set similar to our platform, from creating an anonymous suggestion box and posting anonymous replies to voting, polls, and surveys.

(That said, it’s worth noting that with Incogneato, the anonymous replies feature is only available if you sign up for a higher plan.)

Incogneato also targets the same customer pain point as Suggestion Ox – Not being able to collect truly candid feedback from employees, and allows organizations to manage feedback from investigation to resolution.

However, there are also some differences between the two platforms. 

For one, Incogneato offers only a website widget to display the suggestion box, making the tool more relevant to organizations that don’t need to reach employees through different channels. 

It doesn’t feature AI capabilities to help managers respond to feedback more thoughtfully and faster. 

Overall, though, as we said already, Incogneato is probably the most relevant alternative to Suggestion Ox to consider. 

Key Incogneato features:

  • Anonymous suggestion boxes
  • Anonymous direct replies (available to customers on higher plans only, though)
  • Public anonymous replies
  • Custom response form
  • Case management
  • Sentiment analysis (available to customers on higher plans only, though)
  • Data export, and more.

Want to know more? Read our detailed comparison of Suggestion Ox and Incogneato.

#2. Wrenly.ai

Wrenly, another alternative to Suggestion Ox.

Type: Anonymous feedback bot for Slack and MS Teams

Wrenly is a plugin for MS Teams and Slack that expands those tools with the ability to collect anonymous employee feedback. Therefore, it’s the best Suggestion Ox alternative if you want to reach and engage employees on either of those two communication platforms. But it’s not an option if you’re looking to distribute your suggestion boxes through several channels. 

That aside, Wrenly offers a comprehensive feature set that allows organizations to empower their employees to share feedback, ideas, and comments:

  • The ability to post feedback anonymously (it’s worth noting that Wrenly doesn’t feature the option to respond anonymously to feedback or allow for two-way anonymous communication).
  • Posting feedback publicly while retaining the employee’s anonymity
  • Feedback analysis with AI
  • Voting, polls, and surveys, 
  • Data export, and more. 

Want to know more? Read our detailed comparison between Wrenly and Suggestion Ox.

#3. Vetter

Vetter, a simple Suggestion Ox alternative.

Type: Suggestion box software

Vetter is a simple suggestion box software that’s ideal when you just need to collect employee feedback. Vetter offers all the standard features you’d expect from a suggestion box software: the ability to collect anonymous feedback, public anonymous replies, customizable intake form, different ways to share the box (i.e., via a shareable link or a QR code,) etc. But it does not offer features to manage the feedback you’ve received, respond to employees anonymously or use AI to analyze and process ideas.

One thing that makes Vetter stand out as a Suggestion Ox alternative is its mobile apps. Vetter offers iOS and Android apps for employees to submit feedback to their organizations.

Vetter’s core features include:

  • Anonymous suggestion box
  • Public anonymous replies
  • Custom response form 
  • Web and mobile-compatible
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Voting, polls, and surveys,
  • Challenges, 
  • Data export, and more.

Want to know more? Read our detailed comparison of Vetter and Suggestion Ox.

#4. Officevibe (part of the Workleap platform)


Type: Employee experience platform

Officevibe (part of the Workleap platform) is a more robust tool than the three we’ve discussed so far. 

For one, all three, Incogneato, Wrenly, and Vetter, focused on collecting employee feedback. For Officevibe, the ability to create suggestion boxes and intake forms is only a part of their overall product. 

With Officevibe, you can also create a robust performance management system and implement a culture of recognition. 

However, the tool also allows for the collection of insightful employee feedback, which is why we’ve included it on this list. 

With Officevibe’s Engagement capability, you can:

  • Run automated pulse checks, 
  • Collect anonymous feedback and reply anonymously, too.
  • Create employee surveys, 
  • Run eNPS surveys, DEIB surveys, and more. 

#5. 15five


Type: Performance management platform

Just like Officevibe, 15five is a robust platform made out of several different components. For our purpose here, we will only look at the Engage part. 

And in short, 15five Engage is all about helping managers and HR teams run employee engagement surveys to collect ideas, suggestions, comments, and more. 

With Engage, you can run scientifically backed (as the company claims) surveys, custom assessments, eNPS surveys, and targeted assessments to measure employee engagement, discover problem areas, and re-engage and retain talent for longer. 

The core of the Engagement module, however, is the 6-minute assessment that helps companies gauge their employees’ engagement on a 17-dimension model. Powerful dashboards allow for reviewing and analyzing results from different perspectives—by department, team, tenure, and demographics—and tracking changes over time. 

#6. Lattice


Type: People management platform

Lattice is another large, all-in-one employee engagement platform. Since we’re only looking at alternatives to Suggestion Ox, we’ll focus on one module of Lattice: Engagement. 

The Engagement module allows organizations to collect employee feedback via: 

  • pulse surveys, 
  • onboarding or exit questionnaires, 
  • eNPS, 
  • custom surveys, and more. 

The AI module helps companies analyze survey results quickly, and that also includes any open-ended feedback, identifies common trends and patterns, and can even offer recommendations as to the best next actions to take. 

#7. Survey Monkey


Type: General survey software

Fact: You might not need (or even seek) a robust and dedicated tool to collect employee feedback. You might just want to get the survey to employees fast, and collect their ideas and suggestions quickly. For that, you can use tools like Survey Monkey.

As the name suggests, Survey Monkey is a survey platform known for its tools, templates, and more. 

However, the tool also offers features to help you create an anonymous employee survey or suggestion box. For example, SurveyMonkey includes an Anonymous Response collector capability that lets you choose whether or not to track and store identifiable respondent information in survey results.

Turning this option on prevents SurveyMonkey from collecting personally identifiable data about respondents, ensuring their privacy is protected. 

Plus, SurveyMonkey offers features to collect feedback quickly. You can even start in seconds with many pre-made templates. However, it does not offer capabilities to process feedback easily, respond to employees anonymously, or manage each case to resolution. 

However, if you want to start collecting employee feedback without investing in a dedicated tool like Suggestion Ox, then SurveyMonkey might be a good option. 

And there you have it…

…the seven best alternatives to Suggestion Ox that will help you gather feedback from employees, discover their ideas, hear their comments, and make their voices heard. 

All that’s left is to review those suggestions more carefully and choose the tool that best matches your requirements. But if you’re still considering Suggestion Ox, test it out too. We offer a 14-day trial, allowing you to experience our platform’s value fully. Sign up here.

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